1040-IN ELF: Electronic filing - Indiana forms

Alerts and notices

The Indiana Department of Revenue support electronic filing of the following forms for individual taxpayers:

For a complete list of forms supported for electronic filing, see Forms included in the Electronic Record.

Indiana DOR does not support direct debit of amounts due via electronically filed returns. However, the Department does support direct deposit of refund for both e-filed returns and paper-filed returns.

Indiana DOR does not support the attachment of PDFs to the electronic file.

The Indiana Department of Revenue does not support the following forms for electronic filing for third party vendors (tax software vendors):

Note: Some taxing authorities use the term "electronic filing" to include any forms that can be completed by the taxpayer online. For purposes of help documentation, "electronic filing" refers only to areas for which the taxing agency has provided specifications to the third party vendor (tax software vendor).

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