UltraTax CS data-entry windows overview

Alerts and notices

To begin entering data for a client in input screens, click the Open Client Open Client button button. As you enter data, UltraTax CS calculates amounts for the relevant forms, which you can see when you switch to form view.


  • Use the Tax Subject Index to determine where to enter specific data.
  • By default, when you open a client, the first input screen opens (if the client is new) or the last input screen in which data was entered opens.
  • To customize how, when, and where UltraTax CS screens and forms display, choose Window > Display Settings.

Input screen view: the folders block and input screens

The main data-entry window, referred to as input screen view, is divided into two sections: the folders block and input screens.


  • If you are processing a state return for a client, you can use the application buttons in the folders block to switch between the federal and state input screens.
  • The folders block provides the following visual cues.
    • Horizontal lines display on the folder icon if there is data in an input screen in a folder.
    • A double-folder icon displays when you can create multiple sets of input screens for an item. If you do so, each set is listed separately in the folder.
  • You can enter asset data in input screens or in the asset module (for more detailed asset tracking).

Form view: the folders block and forms

Form view displays information in a window divided into two sections, much like input screen view. The folders block provides access to the forms that will print with the current return, based on the data you enter. When you select a form in the folders block on the left, the form opens on the right with a separate tab for each page.

Above the form are Form Navigation buttons that illustrate the flow of information through the return. A button for the open form displays in the center. As indicated by the arrows, the forms represented by the buttons to the right contribute their results to the open form, while the forms represented by buttons to the left receive information from the open form.


  • To view a list of all forms, regardless of whether the form is required for the current return, right-click the folders block and choose Display All Forms.
  • You can overwrite information on any field of the form. UltraTax CS displays all overridden values as red, italicized text. For more information, see Overrides.

Switching between input screens and forms

As you enter data in an input screen and review the resulting information on the forms, you can choose any of the following methods to move between input screens and forms.

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