Colors used in UltraTax CS

Alerts and notices

UltraTax CS uses colors to indicate the source of the data entered in a field. The following table explains the meaning of each color.


Color Example Meaning
Black black text in input field Data you entered directly into UltraTax CS or the Source Data Entry program.
Blue blue text in input field

On data-entry screens, this is data that was transferred from another source: proforma'd data, federal to state data, data imported from a general ledger application, Source Data Entry, depreciation application, or statement data imported from a spreadsheet.

Blue blue chevron around input field Indicates that this field had data in the prior year return.
Blue blue text in watch field On the Watch tab in the Diagnostics window, blue text indicates that the watch value has been frozen and hasn't changed.
Red Red text in form or input field Overrides in forms view or text entered in force fields in the input.
Red red chevron around input field Amounts that were overruled but not acknowledged by a preparer or staff member.
Red red s in statement dialog button There is data in the statement dialog. This is opposed to a black statement dialog button, which means there is no data entered there.
Red red example text Attached text
Red red text in watch window On the Watch tab in the diagnostics window, this means that the watched value has changed.
Green green line next to drop-down field arrow Indicates that the drop-down field has a custom list.
Pink / Purple

pink or purple lines on organizer input folder

pink or purple dot on organizer input screen

Indicates pending data from a client web organizer.
Orange orange text in input field In Source Data Entry, indicates amounts that were imported from FileCabinet CS Source Documents.