Sending client letters via email

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Data Mining allows you to send letters via email to each client who passed the most recent search. If this option is selected, clients who passed the search and have an email address entered in UltraTax CS will receive the client letter as a PDF attachment to an email message. A hardcopy letter will print for those clients that passed the search but do not have an email address entered.

Follow these steps to send letters via email to clients who passed the most recent search and for whom you have entered email addresses.

  1. If necessary, edit the email greeting in Setup > Email Greeting.
  2. If necessary, select and perform the search.
  3. In the Search Results dialog, verify that the results are satisfactory, and return to the Print (Step 3) dialog.
  4. Select the Email client letters as PDF attachments, if email address is available option under Electronic Delivery.
  5. In the Subject of email field, enter the text you want to display as the subject line of the email message that is sent to the clients who passed the search.
  6. If there are clients to whom you do not want to send the selected letters via email, clear the checkboxes next to their names in the Clients tab.
  7. By default, the letters that you selected prior to performing the search appear in the Reports/Letters tab. To email different letters, click the Modify button, select the desired letters, and click Done to return to the Print dialog. Note that you cannot email reports. Reports that appear in the Reports/Letters tab are printed.
  8. Click the Email / Print button.

In order to send client letters via email, you must meet the system requirements.

To send client letters via email from Data Mining, the preparer's computer must use an email application that supports Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) protocol, such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Microsoft Exchange is necessary to send client letters via email.

Note: Webmail accounts such as Hotmail and Yahoo do not support a MAPI client interface. If you are unsure whether your service supports MAPI protocol, contact your service provider.

The client that receives the letter must use an email service capable of accepting messages with PDF attachments and must have Adobe Reader installed. If your client does not have the Reader installed, they can do so from the Adobe Reader download site.

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