Data Mining window and menu

Alerts and notices

The Data Mining interface is comprised primarily of the main window (where you perform searches, review results, and so on) and the Data Mining toolbar, which you can use to complete common Data Mining tasks.

Data Mining window

The Data Mining window, the main screen of Data Mining provides an overview of the three major steps, and opens when you choose Data Mining from the Utilities menu. You can select the database you want to search, such as 1040 Individual.

Note: This window also displays a data-location drop-down list in which you can select an alternative data location to search, if applicable. If you have multiple offices, changing the default data-location will prompt you to select the appropriate office location.

To complete a search in Data Mining, you must perform each of these steps.

Data Mining menu

The Data Mining menu enables you to perform various tasks and access different areas in Data Mining. The following table summarizes the commands available in these menus.

Note: These menus are available only while the Data Mining window is open.

Menu Command
File Exit - Enables you to exit Data Mining and return to the main UltraTax CS window.

Mailing Labels - Enables you to generate and print mailing labels based on the most recent search.

Export Report - Enables you to export custom reports to a file for use in other applications.
Setup Compose Client Letters - Enables you to create custom client letters.
Design Custom Reports - Enables you to create custom reports.
Add/Modify Searches - Enables you to add new searches or modify existing searches.
Email Addresses - Enables you to add or edit email addresses for your clients.
Email Greeting - Enables you to add or edit the email greeting for client letters.
Help Help & How-To Center - Enables you to access to extensive documentation.
Repair - Enables you to repair a database, if necessary.

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