1040 / 1120 / 1065 / 1041 / 990-ELF: Cancel or change Electronic Funds Withdrawal

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I need to cancel, change, or void the Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) information included with my client's return, how can I do this?


Once a return has been submitted and accepted by the IRS or the state taxing agency, EFW information included with the original filing cannot be modified after it has been transmitted. This includes the filing of amended or superseding returns.

When amended or superseding returns are filed, the taxing agencies will NOT consider the new EFW information a replacement of the original but will instead consider it a second payment. This may result in the amounts being withdrawn from the account twice.

If the bank account or EFW amounts need to be changed, you must cancel the payment and choose another payment method. For information about canceling payment, see the Cancellation, Errors and Questions section of the Pay Taxes by Electronic Funds Withdrawal page of the IRS website.

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