Electronic filing status: Return transmitted to agency

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After transmitting an electronic file via CS Connect, the status can be tracked under Utilities > Electronic Filing Status. If the status still says transmitted to CS or transmitted to taxing agency after 24 hours try the following steps to update the status:

  1. Retrieve acknowledgments via CS Connect.

    Note: You can enable CS Connect Background Services to automatically download acknowledgements by choosing Setup > System Configuration > CS Connect tab. Mark Download electronic filing acknowledgements to have UltraTax CS repost and download acknowledgements until the status is updated. This will allow the acknowledgement to be reposted without contacting support.

  2. Verify the live status of the electronic file by viewing the Electronic Filing Live section of the UltraTax CS home page. If the status reads Transmitted to agency, then no action is required. This status indicates that the electronic file was received by Thomson Reuters, transmitted to the  taxing agency, and is now awaiting an acknowledgement from the taxing agency. Occasionally there are delays by the taxing agencies issuing acknowledgements.

    Note: Taxing agencies process returns in batches. For this reason, electronic files are not always processed in the order they are received.

  3. Verify the client's TIN or client ID has not changed since the return was transmitted. If it has changed, change it back to what it was before it was transmitted and try to retrieve the acknowledgement again.
  4. Contact support to verify the status. Support will need your Firm ID and the client ID of the client in question to verify the status. In the event that there was an acknowledgement issued by the taxing agency, support can repost the acknowledgement so it can be retrieved via CS Connect. Enabling CS Connect Background Services, as mentioned in Step 1, will repost the acknowledgements every 48 hours until the status is updated to include the acknowledgement. 

If more than 48 hours have passed and you still do not have an acknowledgement, contact the IRS at (866)255-0654 or the state taxing agency at the phone number listed in the State ELF Guide.

Form FinCEN 114 can take up to 14 days to be acknowledged. See Viewing FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR) reports and news if the status of your FinCEN 114 electronic file shows Transmitted to taxing agency

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