Viewing FinCEN Form 114 (FBAR) reports and news

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Occasionally, the BSA E-Filing System may experience electronic filing processing issues, such as delayed acknowledgments or downtime for processing center hardware maintenance. Thomson Reuters reports any known electronic filing processing delay issues. You can check for information regarding FinCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) (formerly Form TD F 90-22.1) in the following locations.

  • Alerts: From the UltraTax CS Home Page, click the Alerts link in the left pane to view the Alerts section.
  • Electronic filing and other product news: From the UltraTax CS Home Page, click the Product News link in the left pane to view relevant electronic filing and other product news information.
  • Electronic filing transmission status - Live!: From the UltraTax CS Home Page, click the Electronic Filing Live link in the left pane to view current information about electronic files that are pending transmission, transmitted to agency, or accepted / rejected by the agency but awaiting retrieval of acknowledgments.
  • PRP and electronic filing fee reports: View the per-return pricing (PRP) and electronic filing fee reports online at Login is required for this online service.

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