ELF (All entities): Clients missing from ELF status

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When I go to my Electronic Filing Status dialog, I do not see all of my clients. How can I view all clients?


If you do not see the full list of clients within your Electronic Filing Status dialog (located under the Utilities menu or the Green e button on the toolbar), you likely have a filter set which is narrowing down the list of clients or the returns are hidden. To view all clients, follow these steps:

  1. In the Focus section in the bottom-left of the dialog window, ensure all applicable return types are marked.
  2. In the By Status drop-down, select All ELF except hidden/deleted.
  3. Click the Clear other filters button below the By Status drop-down.

    Note: If the Clear other filters button is grayed out, you do not have any remaining filters set.

  4. If you still are unable to locate your client, click the Hidden Returns button in the top of the dialog window to view hidden returns. To restore a hidden return, highlight the client and click the Restore Hidden Returns button.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, follow the steps in Rebuilding ELF status in UltraTax CS to recreate the list of clients in the Electronic Filing Status dialog.

This will change the dates modified listed in the Electronic Filing Status dialog to the date you Rebuild.