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If a form is set to Never print within the print collations, will it be included in the e-file?

Modifying the government collation has no effect on the contents of the electronic file. The electronic file will continue to contain all forms and schedules that are included in the default government collation (except partner packages). However, you can modify what prints on paper for the government collation at the time you create the electronic file. We strongly recommend you use the default collation. If you have modified the print collation and would like to return to the program defaults, choose Setup / Entity and click the Tax Return button. Then, in the Return Collation dialog, click the Restore Default button.

Generally, forms and/or worksheets listed in the list of accepted forms and schedules for the applicable entity are included in the electronic file.

1040 - US ELF Accepted Forms and Schedules

1120 - US ELF: Accepted Forms and Schedules

1065 - US ELF: Accepted Forms and Schedules

1041 - US ELF: Accepted Forms and Schedules

Accepted forms and schedules for 2290 electronic returns

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