ELF (All entities): Rejected due to account problems error code

Alerts and notices

The application may display a Rejected due to account problems message when you attempt to file returns electronically. When you e-file on a PRP basis, this error code can occur when you submit an e-file and the payment information is invalid or there are no pre-paid funds available for PRP transaction. A valid method of payment must be in place to process your transaction, either a direct debit account, credit card information, or a pre-paid funds balance.

To resolve this issue, update your payment information for PRP/ELF transactions on the My Account page of our website.

To avoid any potential service disrupts, Thomson Reuters recommends keeping valid payment information on file for all PRP/ELF transactions. You cannot add funds to prepaid balances outside of normal business hours. It will not be possible to resume e-filing until a valid method of payment is on file.