Entering reviewer information

Alerts and notices

You can add, edit, or delete reviewer information from UltraTax CS at any time. It is beneficial to enter all reviewer information before anyone in your office begins processing returns. If you enter reviewer information first, as you later add client information to UltraTax CS, you can immediately assign each client to the correct reviewer. Similarly, you can set up a default reviewer that all new clients are assigned to, and you can reassign clients to different reviewers at any time.

To ensure that your reviewer information is accurate, we recommend that you review your reviewer information each year before tax season.

  1. To add reviewer information, choose Setup > Office Configuration, and then click the Reviewers tab.

    Note: Depending on your security configuration, you might be required to enter the master password and click OK before you can click the Staff tab.

  2. Click Add and enter all applicable information.
  3. For help on a specific field within the dialog, press F1.


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