Creating and saving Excel spreadsheets for asset information (706)

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The Excel Import utility enables you to quickly and efficiently import asset information from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into UltraTax CS 706.

You must begin with the UltraTax CS 706 u8USAsset.xls template spreadsheet, which you must then save as an Excel comma separated values (CSV) file before you can import asset information from Excel into UltraTax CS 706. You can enter or modify the information in the Excel spreadsheet following the required guidelines.

  1. Copy the u8USAsset.xls template from your X:WinCSI\UT18\706US.ext,18,3,6#00000 folder (where X is the location where UltraTax CS 706 is installed) to another location.
  2. Open and save the template using another file name.
    1. Click the Office button, and select Save As.
    2. Browse to the location where you want to save the Excel spreadsheet.
    3. Select CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv) from the Save as type field.
    4. Enter a file name in the File name field.
    5. Click the Save button.
  3. Enter the asset data in the spreadsheet.

    Note: Do not alter the order of the headings or alter the field names in the spreadsheet.

  4. After you enter all data, save and close the spreadsheet.