Importing asset information from Excel (706)

Alerts and notices

With the Excel Import utility, you can quickly and efficiently import asset information from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into UltraTax CS 706.

You must begin with an Excel spreadsheet that contains the asset data that you want to import into UltraTax CS 706 before you can import information from Excel. For details, see Creating and saving Excel spreadsheets for asset information. You can enter or modify the information in the Excel spreadsheet following the required guidelines.

Importing asset information from Excel

You must be in Screen Asset to import asset information into UltraTax CS 706.

  1. Choose Edit > Import spreadsheet.
  2. Click the Select button to browse to the location of the spreadsheet file.
  3. Highlight the file you want to import, and click the Open button.
  4. Click Yes when prompted to remove existing input screen data if you want to overwrite existing data. If you click No, the import process will be canceled.
  5. Click OK when prompted that the data was successfully imported.

Note: If any errors occur during the import process, UltraTax CS generates a warning that no data was imported. If UltraTax CS generates this error message, you need to correct any errors in the Excel spreadsheet and re-import the data.