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Some of the commands most commonly used in the UltraTax CS asset module, such as Add Asset and Display Calculation, are assigned keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly execute the command. The following table describes shortcuts that are available when the asset module's Asset List window and Asset Detail dialog are open.

Shortcut Result in Asset List window Result in Asset Detail dialog
CTRL+A Add a new record and opens the Asset Detail dialog in which you can enter information for a new asset Add an asset
CTRL+B Open the Apportionment Information window N/A
CTRL+C Copy the highlighted asset to the clipboard Copy the highlighted treatment (for example, Tax or Book) to the clipboard
CTRL+D Open the Diagnostics window, which contains messages warning you of any incorrect data and/or additional information that is needed on the return N/A
CTRL+H N/A Open the MACRS Asset Life table
CTRL+I N/A Display an explanation of how the current depreciation was calculated for each treatment
CTRL+M Open the Asset Detail dialog for the highlighted asset so you can edit that asset's data N/A
CTRL+N Open a dialog in which you can add a new client N/A
CTRL+O Open a dialog in which you can open an existing client N/A
CTRL+P Open the Print dialog N/A
CTRL+Q Open the Return Summary, in which you can see a summary of key amounts on the return N/A

1040 clients: From the tax input screens, opens the organizer input screens if you purchased a license for UltraTax/1040 Web Client Organizer

1120S clients: Open the Shareholder Data Entry window in which you can enter shareholder information

1065 clients: Open the Partner Data Entry window in which you can enter partner information

Open the Prior Depreciation Comparison dialog for the current asset
CTRL+S Save client data N/A
CTRL+U N/A Switch between including and excluding the asset from mid-quarter determination
CTRL+V Paste the contents of the clipboard into the Asset List window Paste the contents of the clipboard into the current field
CTRL+X Cut the highlighted asset and copies it to the clipboard Cut the highlighted treatment and copies it to the clipboard
CTRL+Y Open the Help & How-To Center to access extensive information about using UltraTax CS, including procedures for completing various tasks, answers to frequently asked questions, tips for increasing productivity and troubleshooting issues, alerts about timely issues, details on new features, show-me videos, guides in Portable Document Format (PDF), and more. (same as result in Asset List window)
CTRL+Z N/A Undo asset changes
CTRL+SHIFT+F Open the Find Asset dialog in which you can search for an asset by entering a text string contained in the asset's description N/A
F6 N/A Open the Method/Life Wizard's list of asset classes
F7 N/A Open the calculator
F8 N/A View prior-year listed property and home office data
F11 N/A Enter the maximum 179 expense allowed for applicable current-year assets (also available in the Elect Section 179 dialog)

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