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Use this dialog to specify information and configure settings related to sending individual K-1 packages to recipients via email.

These tasks include selecting recipient partners, shareholders, or beneficiaries for K-1 packages sent via email; entering addresses for those recipients; specifying document names for the K-1 packages; setting passwords for the email attachments; selecting blind copy recipients for the email messages; and sending the K-1 packages to the designated Tax Matters Person rather than the individual partners, shareholders, or beneficiaries. 

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To open this dialog, choose File > Email Schedule K-1 Packages with a 1065, 1120, or 1041 client open.

Note: The File > Email Schedule K-1 Packages menu command is only available under the following conditions. 

  • If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS: the Print K1 packages to separate folder in FileCabinet CS checkbox is marked on the Setup > Office Configuration > FileCabinet CS tab. (This checkbox is marked by default.) 
  • You have printed K1 packages to FileCabinet CS, File Drawer, or Onvio for the open client. 

Fields and buttons

Options group box

Mark this checkbox to send the K-1 packages to the Tax Matters Person or fiduciary for a particular client, rather than sending each K-1 package to the corresponding partner, shareholder, or beneficiary. Use Screen Contact to enter the business email address of the Tax Matters Person or fiduciary. 

If you marked the Send to Tax Matters Person (TMP) rather than selected K-1 recipients checkbox, use this drop-down list to enter a custom password, to specify the composition of the system-generated password assigned to the K-1 packages, or to omit a password altogether.

Mark any combination of the Firm, Preparer, Reviewer, Staff, or TMP checkboxes to blind copy the specified recipients on the email messages containing the selected K-1 packages. Enter the business email address of the Tax Matters Person or fiduciary on Screen Contact in the General folder. 

K1 Packages list 

This column lists the name of each K-1 package recipient included in the open client. Mark or clear the adjacent checkbox to specify whether or not the corresponding person's K-1 package is included when sending the email to the selected recipients.

Note: To select or de-select all K-1 recipients listed in this dialog, click the column heading above the checkboxes, to the left of the K-1 Recipient Name heading.

Use this column to verify and edit (or if necessary, to enter) the email address for each K-1 package recipient. You can enter email addresses directly in this dialog or by choosing Partner, Shareholder, or Beneficiary Information from the View menu with the appropriate 1065, 1120, or 1041 client's return open.

This column lists the default filenames for each recipient's K-1 package. Use the fields in this column to edit the filenames, if desired.

Use this field to enter a custom password for each recipient's K-1 package, or to specify the parameters used have UltraTax CS automatically generate the password. By default, UltraTax CS will use the recipient's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) as the password. To use a custom password, enter the desired password in this field. To use the recipient's TIN and/or ZIP code, the appropriate selection from the drop-down list.

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