Sending K1 Packages from UltraTax CS to Onvio Documents

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You can send shareholder, partner, or beneficiary K1 packages to Onvio Documents.

To send K1 package to Client Documents in Onvio:

  • The recipient's 1040 return must already exist in UltraTax CS for the same processing year.

  • The recipient's 1040 return must already have a SSN entered and it matches the SSN entered on the following applicable returns:

    • 1120S - SSNs entered under View, then Shareholder Information.

    • 1065 - SSNs entered under View, then Partner Information.

    • 1041 - SSNs entered on the Bene screen.

Setup in UltraTax CS

Before you can send K1 packages to Onvio Documents, verify the following in UltraTax CS.

  1. Choose Setup, then the entity (1041, 1120, or 1065).
  2. Select the Tax Return button.
  3. Select the Preparer tab.
  4. Enter "package" in the search field and click Next.
  5. Find Shareholder package, Partner package, or Beneficiary package in the list and make sure it is set to print As required.
  6. Click OK twice.
  7. Choose Setup, then Office Configuration.
  8. Select the Onvio tab.
  9. Mark the Print K1 packages to Onvio Documents if the K1 recipient is also an UltraTax CS client checkbox.
  10. Verify the Integrated applications are set to Onvio Documents and Onvio Client Center.
  11. Click Done.

Sending to Onvio

To send a K1 package to Onvio Documents, complete the following steps.

  1. Open the 1120S, 1065, or 1041 client.
  2. Choose File, then Print Returns.
  3. Select the Preparer copy, then mark Onvio Documents
  4. If you only want to print the K1 package(s) and not the return:
    1. Click the Options button.
    2. On the Selected Returns tab, click Unmark All.
    3. Go to the Selected Packages tab and mark any K1 packages you want to send to Onvio Documents.
    4. Click OK.
  5. Click To Onvio or Print.
  6. If you have Onvio Link installed: starting with UltraTax CS 2020, a window will appear to confirm the documents you're sending to Onvio and you'll have the option to rename the document name. This can help prevent overriding any documents you previously sent to Onvio. Once confirmed, click the Send button. 
  7. Click OK to continue.

Once complete, the K1 package will be available in Onvio Center > Documents > Client Documents > the individual 1040 client's folder > the Tax Return folder (from the year of UltraTax CS you sent it from) > Preparer Documents folder. If you sent the tax return with the K1 package (you skipped step 4), the tax return will appear in the same path, but in business client's folder instead of the individual's. 

If you want to share any of these documents with your client, you can create shared folders within Onvio so that they can view them from Onvio Client Center.

Note: If a taxpayer and spouse are both shareholders / partners / beneficiaries of the return you print, and they exist as a married filing joint return in UltraTax CS, their K1 packages will print as one document to Onvio.

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