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The Excel Export / Import utility allows you to quickly and efficiently export and import shareholder information to and from UltraTax CS/1120 and a Microsoft Excel workbook. When you export shareholder information from UltraTax CS, the utility creates the following three Excel worksheets (from the Shareholder Information window).

  • 1120 Shareholder Information: This worksheet contains columns for shareholder client data and other information, beginning of year shares, and override percentage.
  • Shareholder Basis: This worksheet contains columns for stock basis information, loan basis information, and suspended losses.
  • Weighted Average: This worksheet contains columns for change in ownership information.

The following table identifies the UltraTax CS spreadsheet information that exports to Excel and the Excel worksheet that contains the corresponding information for import into UltraTax CS.

UltraTax CS/1120 shareholder information Microsoft Excel workbook worksheet
Shareholder Information - includes Shareholder tab, Other Info tab, and spreadsheet data 1120 Shareholder Information
Shareholder Basis - includes stock, loan, and suspended losses Shareholder Basis
Change in Ownership Weighted Average


  • The Excel Export / Import utility does not export or import information from the state tabs in the Shareholder Information window.
  • To import Excel spreadsheet information into statement dialogs, follow the guidelines described in Importing information into statement dialogs.

Basic procedure for exporting and importing shareholder information

  1. Create the Excel workbook template by exporting data from UltraTax CS to Excel. To import shareholder information data from Excel, you must create the Excel workbook template by exporting the shareholder information spreadsheet from UltraTax CS into Excel. For more information, see Exporting shareholder information to Excel.
  2. Modify and save the Excel workbook. After generating the shareholder information Excel workbook, you can make modifications to the worksheets, following the guidelines described in Excel Export/Import guidelines for shareholder information.
  3. Import the Excel workbook. For more information, see Importing shareholder information from Excel.

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