Shareholder Information window

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Use the Shareholder Information window to enter shareholder data. The shareholders you have added appear in the Shareholder spreadsheet at the top of this window. The spreadsheet displays the total as well as each shareholder's pro-rata share of beginning-of-year shares, ownership percentage, health insurance, distributions, deemed dividends, loan repayments, beginning-of-year stock basis, and beginning-of-year loan basis.

To open the Shareholder Information window, click the Shareholder Information Shareholder Information button button.

Components of this window

Shareholder Information menu

Shareholder Information toolbar

Shareholder spreadsheet

Shareholder tab

Other Info tab

Schedule B-1 tab

2553 tab

1128 tab

DISC tab

4876-A tab

State tabs

Note: The Excel Export/Import utility allows you to quickly and efficiently import and export shareholder information to and from UltraTax CS/1120 and a Microsoft Excel workbook. For further information, see Excel Export / Import utility for shareholder information overview.

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