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Use this dialog to select the assets you want to include in this mass transfer.

The Enter Transfer Information dialog lists all of the assets available for the mass transfer, according to the current focus criteria. You can focus the asset list according to any application-defined or custom associations that maintain lists using the Focus asset listing group box at the bottom of this dialog. To select an asset to include in the mass transfer, double-click an asset in the Assets available to select pane.

  • For new mass transfers: To open this dialog, click Continue in the Add Mass Transfer dialog. After you have selected all of the assets that belong to the current mass transfer, select the type of transfer and the activity or association to which you want to transfer the assets. The options available in the drop-down list depend on the selection in the Type of transfer field.
  • For existing mass transfers: To open this dialog, highlight the desired mass transfer in the Mass Transfer dialog, click the Edit button, and then click the Enter Transfer Information button. The selected mass transfer can be modified in this dialog.

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