Specifying non-ACRS/MACRS asset calculation options

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See also: Customizing asset data entry and calculation options

To customize how non-ACRS/MACRS asset depreciation is calculated for the current client, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the Asset List window for an activity.
  2. Choose Setup > Options.
  3. In the Options dialog, click the Calculation tab.
  4. Select the appropriate option from the Acquisitions/disposal treatment drop-down list. For information about the options available from the drop-down list, see the Calculation tab overview.
  5. The application automatically switches to the straight-line method when advantageous. To turn this feature off and continue using the declining-balance method, mark the Continue declining-balance with no switch to straight-line checkbox.

    Note: Marking this checkbox has no effect on depreciation being calculated under ACRS/MACRS assets.

  6. Click OK to save your changes and close the Options dialog.

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