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Use this dialog to set calculation options for custom or state treatments or modify calculation options for existing treatments.

To open this dialog, open the Asset List window or Asset Detail dialog, choose Setup > Treatments, and in the Treatments dialog do one of the following steps.

  • For an application-defined treatment, select the treatment and click the Options button.
  • For an existing custom or state treatment, select the treatment, and then click Continue.
  • For a new custom or state treatment, click the Add button, click the appropriate option in the Classify dialog, and then click Continue.

Fields & buttons

For all application-defined and state treatments, this field displays the name of the treatment you are modifying.

For the Other treatment or custom treatments, you can use this field to view or modify the name of the current treatment.

Displays the names of any treatments that are dependent on the current treatment.

Mark this checkbox to make the current treatment identical to the Tax treatment.


  • When you mark this checkbox, the checkboxes on the New Asset Defaults tab are automatically marked and not available.
  • This checkbox is not available for Tax, AMT, state AMT, ACE, state ACE, or E&P treatments.

Tabs in this dialog

Calculation tab

Sec 179 tab

New Asset Defaults tab

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