Paying a balance due extension via EFW (1040)

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You can use electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) only on e-filed extensions. Before continuing with these steps, make sure you've completed the electronic extension data entry.

Pay the balance due on extension using electronic funds withdrawal (EFW) as follows:

  1. If you haven't already, enter a balance due or payment amount.
    • To enter the current calculated payment amount, use the Paid with 4868 or Paid with 2350 field on the Est screen, in the Payment folder.
    • To force a different amount, use the Balance due on extension (Force) field on the Ext screen, in the Payment folder.
  2. In the General input folder, click the 1040 tab.
  3. Complete the Daytime telephone/ext number field.
  4. Click the Bank tab in the General folder.
  5. Complete the Direct Deposit/Electronic Funds Withdrawal section.
  6. In the Electronic Filing folder, click the ELF tab.
  7. Enter a payment date in the Electronic Funds withdrawal for extensions requested payment date field.
  8. When the return is ready to be signed, open the PIN screen in the Electronic Filing folder and complete your PIN data entry.

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