Complete Form 1040X Amended Return

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To amend a 1040 return:

  1. Do a print preview of the return.
  2. Review the Form 1040 to see if it has the same information originally reported to the IRS. For now, just make a note of whether it's the same.
  3. Go to the Amend screen, in the Separate Filings folder.
  4. If the Form 1040 matches what was originally reported to the IRS, mark the Transfer original information field. All the amounts from the return will automatically transfer to the screen.
  5. If the Form 1040 does NOT match what was originally reported, enter the original amounts in the fields on the screen. Do NOT mark the Transfer original information field.
  6. If you are also amending a state return:
    • Select the applicable state in the Transfer state(s)? window.
    • Mark the Transfer original information checkbox on each state's Amend screen.
    • To amend the state return only, leave this screen blank and mark the Transfer original information checkbox in the state’s Amend screen.
  7. Enter information in the Explanation of changes field. The Form 1040X will not fill out unless this field has something entered in it.
  8. Make your changes to the return on the other data entry screens. For example, to change the wages, go to the W2 screen and enter the correct wage amount.
  9. Print or e-file the return. There are special data entry requirements for e-filing Form 1040X.


  • You cannot amend prior-year returns in the current-year application. Amended returns can only be completed using the same version of the application that was originally used.
  • For domestic partner returns:
    • To amend the federal return, follow the amend process in the single federal return.
    • To amend the state return, complete the amend process in the combined state return.

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