Printing tax returns

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New (tax) year, new help!

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  1. Choose File > Print Returns to open the Print Returns dialog.
  2. Mark the checkbox for each collation - government, client, and/or preparer - that you want to print.


    • The delivery method will default to the client's delivery preference as specified in the Setup > Client Communications dialog. When printing a single return, the delivery method can be changed for the current print job by marking the Paper, Email PDF, PDF to File, or Web options.
    • You can print a paper client copy and select an electronic delivery method at the same time.
  3. If applicable, mark the Create electronic file checkbox.
  4. To print returns for any client other than the open client, click the Clients button, select the appropriate client(s), and click OK.
  5. To print only a single state or federal return or to change the print collation for the open client and only for this print job, click the Options button, select the desired tax returns, forms, and schedules, and click OK. (By default, UltraTax CS prints the forms and schedules as determined in the Return Collation dialog.) 

    Note: You cannot select different forms and schedules for printing or specify different client copy delivery methods if you are printing returns for two or more clients.

  6. To print the return(s) to File Drawer, FileCabinet CS, GoFileRoom, or Onvio in addition to your printer, mark the corresponding checkbox and use the adjacent drop-down list to choose the desired storage location (if applicable).

    Note: The selected client(s) will not print to FileCabinet CS if the Deny FileCabinet CS access to client data checkbox is marked (File > Client Properties > Advanced Properties > Restrict Access tab).

  7. Click the Print button at the bottom of the dialog.


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