Sending 1040 organizers to clients via email

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Use the following procedure to send 1040 email PDF organizers to your clients.

Note: For information about customizing default blank organizers for new clients and sending blank organizers via email, see Default blank organizer package for new clients.

  1. Choose File > Print Organizers to open the Print Organizers dialog.
  2. In the Print what group box, your selection will depend on whether your email supports MAPI.
    • Click the Email PDF option if your email application supports MAPI.
    • Click the option to create a PDF of the organizer package and save it to a specified location on your hard drive. You should use this option if your email application does not support MAPI, so that the PDF of the organizer package can be manually attached to an email message.

    Note: When printing a single client, UltraTax CS will automatically select an option in the Print what group box that reflects the delivery preference that was chosen for the client in the Setup > Client Communications dialog.

  3. If you clicked the PDF to File in option, click the Browse button Browse button to specify a location to save the PDF other than the default directory (My Documents). In the Modify Location dialog, select the desired location and click OK.
  4. Mark the Password protect files checkbox to assign a password to the PDF.

To change the print collation prior to creating the organizer, click the Options button to open the Print Organizer Print dialog, then mark the checkboxes for the organizer pages you want to include. Note that you must have a client open or selected to access these options. The print collation settings shown here are set on the Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer tab. Click OK to close the Print Organizer Options dialog after you're finished.

  1. Click the Clients button to open the Select Clients to Print dialog. This dialog allows you to select the clients to whom you want to email PDF organizers.

    Note: Unless you have a client's return open, clients who have an email address are included in the Clients to print pane automatically. When a client is open, only that client appears in the Clients to print pane. Use the Remove button to modify the list.


    • Before you send PDF organizers to your clients via email, you should email one to your office.
    • To select all clients quickly, click the Select All button. All clients for whom you are assembling email organizers must have an email address entered in the Setup > Client Communications dialog. If the email address is missing, you will receive a notification when attempting to assemble the email organizer. Enter this information as necessary and choose File > Print Organizers to assemble the email organizer again.
    • If multiple clients are selected, the Per client settings option will be selected in the Print what group box and UltraTax CS will process the organizers according to the individual client delivery preferences selected in the Setup > Client Communications dialog.
    • To change the default filename that UltraTax CS assigns to the organizer PDF file, click the PDF File Options button in the Setup > Office Configuration > Print Options tab and use the Options and Document Names tabs on the PDF File Options dialog to select and re-order the elements that comprise the PDF filename. 
    • To see how the client's email organizer appears in Adobe Reader, click the Preview button when the Email PDF or PDF to File in option is selected. The Adobe Reader opens automatically and the email organizer appears. Note that the Preview button is disabled if you have multiple clients selected. (If necessary, you can install Adobe Reader via the Adobe Reader download site.)
    • Previewing an email organizer that contains an actionable item such as the engagement letter, bank account information, or consent form will result in two separate PDFs, one containing the organizer and the other containing the actionable items.

      Note: Clients that have None selected for the organizer delivery method in the Client Communications dialog are not available for client organizer processing even if you enter an email address. If you want to send an organizer in PDF to the client, select Email (PDF) or File (PDF) from the drop-down list in the Organizer Delivery column in the Client Communications dialog.

  2. Click OK to close the Select Clients to Print dialog, then click the Email button (or the Assemble button if the PDF to File in option is selected).

Note: Since UltraTax CS sends the PDF organizer automatically, you may be required to authorize sending the email if your email application supports Simple MAPI (such as Microsoft Outlook Express) instead of Extended MAPI (such as Microsoft Outlook). To authorize the sending of email PDF organizers, click the Yes button. This is a function of the email security configuration and not a limitation of UltraTax/1040 Client Organizer.

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