Selecting a password for client organizers in PDF

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To protect the privacy of your clients' data, organizers in PDF require a unique password, whether they are distributed via email, NetClient CS, or a separate file. You can have UltraTax CS generate the password or you can define a password for your client.


  • Web client organizers are protected by the passwords your clients use to log in to NetClient CS. Clients specify these passwords when logging in to NetClient CS for the first time.
  • To ensure that the PDF password is saved, mark the Password protect files checkbox on the File > Print Organizers dialog when you create the organizer PDF.

Generating a password

Use the following procedure to have UltraTax CS generate the PDF organizer password.

  1. Choose Setup > Client Communications.
  2. Click the Password button in the Options group box.
  3. In the PDF / XLS Delivery Password Options dialog, mark the desired checkboxes you want to use to create the password.

Note: If you have specified options for a generated password in the PDF / XLS Delivery Password Options dialog, the generated password appears automatically in the Client Communications dialog (opened by choosing Setup > Client Communications). Prior to sending the email organizer to the client, the PDF Password field contains a generic password that indicates the fields chosen for the password. After the email organizer is sent, the PDF Password field changes to reflect the actual numbers generated for the client.


  • At least one checkbox must be marked for the PDF organizer password. Note that UltraTax CS marks the Taxpayer Identification Number (SSN/EIN) checkbox as the default, but you can clear this checkbox if desired.
  • If a checkbox is marked for the organizer password and the client does not have the corresponding data, the password consists of the remaining fields that contain data. For example, if you select zip code and phone number and no phone number is present, the password is the zip code. A return cannot be sent via email unless the corresponding data for at least one of the checkboxes marked for the password is present.
  • Generated organizer passwords use only numbers and the + character. No hyphens or slashes are used with generated email passwords. The generated passwords must be entered using specific conventions.

Creating a custom password

Complete the following steps to create a custom password for your client's email organizer.

  1. Choose Setup > Client Communications.
  2. Enter the desired password in the PDF Password field.


  • You must enter an email address before you can enter a password in the PDF Password field.
  • The PDF Password field is only available when the Organizer Delivery field is set to Email (PDF) or File (PDF).


  • Custom passwords that you create are displayed in red.
  • If you create a custom password and later decide to generate a password, delete the current password in the PDF Password field in the Client Communications dialog to have UltraTax CS enter the generated default password automatically.
  • You can only switch from a custom-created password to a generated password before you send the client organizer PDF to your client via email. If the PDF Password field contains the generic password indicating the fields chosen and not the actual password in blue text, the PDF organizer has not been sent and the password can be changed.
  • To proforma customized organizer passwords (defined using the Client Communications dialog in the prior-year version of UltraTax CS), choose Setup > 1040 Individual > Federal tab and click the Other Return Options button. On the Proforma tab, mark the Custom PDF delivery passwords from the Client Communications dialog checkbox.

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