Automatically starting 1040 data entry on organizer input screens

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When you open a 1040 client for the first time (after you have either added the client to UltraTax/1040 or proforma'd client data from last year), UltraTax CS displays input Screen 1040 by default. Follow these steps to have UltraTax CS automatically display the organizer Screen 1040 instead.

  1. Choose Setup > User Preferences to open the User Preferences dialog.
  2. If it is not already marked, mark the Begin 1040 data entry on Organizer input screens checkbox on the Data Entry tab.

    Note: This user preference will proforma from the prior-year version of UltraTax CS. If you marked this checkbox last year, UltraTax CS will automatically mark it in the current-year application. To disable this behavior, clear the checkbox above. 

  3. Click OK.

Note: This procedure changes the default only for the first time you open the client. When you subsequently open the client, UltraTax CS displays the input screen most recently accessed for that client.

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