Entering organizer data

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After receiving the client's completed organizer, you can enter the data into the organizer input screens in UltraTax CS by choosing View > Client Organizer.

You can use the "Other Client Information" section to gather as much client information as possible to accurately complete the tax return. Information entered in the Other Client Information data entry section is informational only and is not used in any tax calculations. This data entry section is provided for use with either the email or web client organizer. The Other Client Information data entry sections are located in organizer Screens Est (Payments folder), SSA-1099 (Retirement folder), 2441 (Credits folder), ELF (E-Filing folder) and D (Income folder).

Note: Screen 1099C does not contain a separate data-entry section but does include the Brief description of debt field for use with email and web client organizers.

Tip: Even if you do not send an organizer package to a client, you can still use the organizer input screens to enter data for the client.

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