Entering depreciation data for organizer clients

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You can enter acquisitions and dispositions in the client organizer Asset tab for each business activity. By default, the Asset List and Asset Acquisitions forms print for each activity that has assets. Your client can indicate on the Asset List any assets that were sold and the sales price. There is also a comment line that the client can use for additional information regarding the disposal, such as if the asset was sold in an installment sale, traded for other property, sold to a related party, and so on. The Asset Acquisitions form may be used to report assets acquired for the tax year. You can also print the Asset Report as a part of the organizer package you send to your clients by changing the print collation.


  • If you choose to enter summary asset information for a client instead of entering detailed asset information in the UltraTax CS asset module, the Asset tab does not appear. To enter detailed asset information, open the client and choose File > Client Properties > Advanced Properties and click the Enter Asset Detail tab to mark the Enter asset detail information checkbox. UltraTax CS marks this checkbox by default.
  • If the email or web organizer does not report any assets, check to see if the Asset List is excluded in the Return Collation dialog.
  • In order to include Asset pages in the email or web client organizer, clear the Print blank client organizer on Screen Contact. 

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