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There are two slipsheets that you can modify and print with each organizer: one to the client from your firm and one to your firm from the client. If you plan to mail the client organizer packages to your clients, we recommend that you use the mailing slipsheets. You can either use the vertical, offset, bulk mail, or landscape mailing slipsheet. UltraTax CS uses the vertical mailing slipsheet by default.

Note: To select the Slipsheet format, choose Setup > Office Configuration > Print options tab and click the Mailing Slipsheets button.

The mailing slipsheets fit into the client organizer covers and envelopes available from Forms CS. Note that if you are using landscape slipsheets, you need to print a portrait folder insert to use with your client's client organizer cover. Please refer to the Forms CS order form that you should have received from us before you received Client Organizer. If you have questions about the Forms CS order form or if you did not receive the form, please call UltraTax CS Support and Customer Service at 800-968-0600 and follow the menu prompts to speak to UltraTax CS Customer Service. To order materials, call Forms CS at 800-909-1850 or visit their website at

Generating mailing slipsheets for the client's name and address

Client Organizer automatically generates the client's name and address (as entered in Screen 1040) for the client and preparer slipsheets. To change the information for the client's name and address for both slipsheets in the organizer (for example, a Michigan resident living in Florida during the winter months), complete the following steps.

  1. Choose File > Open Client, select the client, and click Open.
  2. Choose View > Client Organizer to open the organizer input screens.
  3. In the folders block on the left side of the screen, click the General folder.
  4. Click the tab for Screen Letter.
  5. At the top of Screen Letter, click the Miscellaneous section button to move to the Miscellaneous Variables and Mailing Slipsheet section.
  6. Enter the mailing slipsheet information in the Slipsheet name and address (Force) fields.


  • The Personal Representative Information is reported on the slipsheet if the filing status is not married filing jointly and if a date of death is entered on the taxpayer's Screen 1040. Personal Representative information (name and address) is entered on Screen Info in the General folder. In the case of a married filing joint return with a date of death present, the surviving spouse's name is reported on the slipsheets. The Slipsheet name and address (Force) fields will override the Personal Representative information.
  • The Slipsheet name and address (Force) fields only change the information for the Organizer mailing slipsheet. The changes will not transfer to the Tax mailing slipsheet. To change the information for the Tax mailing slipsheet, choose View > Input Screen to switch to the tax input screens and then enter your changes in Screen Letter.
  • By default, information entered in the Slipsheet client name and address (Force) fields will proforma to the following year. To prevent the information from being proforma'd to the following year, enter X in the Do not proforma slipsheet force fields to next year field.
  • If the slipsheets do not print, confirm that they are not suppressed by choosing Setup > Office Configuration, clicking Print Options tab, and then clicking the Mailing Slipsheets button. In the Mailing Slipsheets dialog, verify that the Suppress all slipsheets option is not marked. 

Modifying slipsheets and portrait folder inserts

Before you print, you can modify the preparer and client slipsheets, as well as the portrait folder inserts. For example, you can change the slipsheet layout to vertical, offset, or landscape, change the font, use a different border, or insert your firm's logo at the top of the page. If you are using landscape slipsheets, you need to print a portrait folder insert to use with your client's client organizer cover.

To modify the slipsheet or insert, complete these steps. Note that the same slipsheet and insert prints for all clients, so any edits you make to the slipsheet and/or insert affect all client organizer packages.

  1. Choose Setup > 1040 Individual.

    Note: Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password. Click OK to continue.

  2. Click the Organizer tab.
  3. Click the Slipsheets button to open the Slipsheets dialog.
  4. Highlight the Organizer slipsheet or Folder Insert that you want to edit and click the Open button to open the Document Editing window.
  5. Edit the slipsheet or insert as desired.
  6. Save your changes by choosing Document > Save.
  7. Choose Document > Exit when you are finished.

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