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  1. Choose File > Print Organizers to open the Print Organizers dialog.
  2. In the Print where group box, click the Printer option. If the printer selected is not correct, click the Printer button to change the printer.
  3. Click the Options button to open the Print Organizer Options dialog, then mark the checkboxes for those organizer pages you want to print. If you are printing organizer pages for only one client, you can use this dialog to override the print collation set in the Return Collation dialog. Changes made to the collation via the Print Organizer Options dialog only affect the current print job.
  4. In the Print Organizers dialog, click the Clients button to open the Select Clients to Print dialog, where you can select the clients for whom you want to print organizers.

    Tip: To quickly select all clients, click the Select All button.

  5. Click OK to close the Select Clients to Print dialog.

    Note: When you select more than one client to print, the delivery preference in the Print What group box is set to Per client settings, so UltraTax CS will print each organizer according to the preferences specified on the Setup > Client Communications dialog. This enables you to create organizers for clients with different delivery preferences simultaneously.

  6. Specify the number of copies (from 1 to 9) in the Copies field.
  7. Mark the Log Event checkbox to update the client's status record when printing. Use the corresponding drop-down list to choose the event that you want to log when printing the client's organizer.

    Note: The Log Event field is disabled until you create custom status events using the Setup > Office Configuration > Status tab.

  8. Click the Print button.

Changing the print collation for Client Organizer also affects the Email Client Organizer and vice versa. If you plan to process both paper and electronic organizers, it is important to review the print collation before processing each type of organizer. For example, if you send more forms from the electronic version and adjust the print collation accordingly, you need to edit the print collation before printing the paper organizers. You can use the Print button in the Print Collation dialog to print a Collation Report for each type of organizer so that you have an easy reference for managing your print collation.


  • Client Organizer automatically prints the organizer information for the state entered in the State field in Screen 1040. In addition, UltraTax/1040 prints any state organizers that contain data proforma'd from last year for the client.
  • UltraTax CS cannot cause your printer to staple pages when printing tax returns or client organizers. If your printer includes this feature, you will have to enable it via the printer properties, which you can access from the Control Panel in Windows.

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