Retrieving data from web client organizers

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The following video outlines the process described in the steps below.

Steps to retrieve data

  1. Click the CS Connect button on the toolbar.
  2. Set the Web Delivery: ($) Retrieve completed organizers switch to Yes.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. After the call is complete and you acknowledge the Call Summary dialog, the Web Organizer (Retrieve) dialog opens. All completed web client organizers are automatically retrieved.

Notifications of retrieved data

By default, UltraTax CS displays a notification when you open a return that contains pending organizer data to retrieve or discard. If you disabled this option and would like to enable it again, complete these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > User Preferences to open the User Preferences dialog.
  2. Mark the Inform me when retrieved data is present when a client is opened checkbox on the Data Entry tab. When you open a client whose record contains data retrieved from the web client organizer, a message appears informing you that retrieved data is present and that it has not been accepted or discarded. The message also has a Did you know button which you can use to access procedures used in accepting or discarding retrieved data.
  3. Click OK.

Retrieving file attachments

Complete these steps to retrieve web client organizer file attachments for all clients who have attached files to their web client organizers. When you retrieve web organizer data that has file attachments, the attachments do not import into UltraTax CS. Complete the following steps to retrieve web client organizer attachments using FileCabinet CS (if licensed).


  • By default, there is a custom paragraph in the NetClient Organizer Greeting that informs clients that they can attach and send files with their web organizer. If you want to remove this information from the greeting, choose Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer tab, click the Letters & Emails button. In the Letters & Emails dialog, click the Custom Paragraphs tab, and clear the Web attachments checkbox.
  • If you do not have FileCabinet CS installed to retrieve web organizer file attachments, UltraTax CS prompts you to save the files to a location on your hard drive. However, in order to open these file attachments, you must have applications installed that are capable of opening them.
  • Web organizer attachments sent by your clients are not scanned for viruses. Therefore, we recommend that you scan the attachments with an anti-virus application before you open them.
  1. During the data retrieval process, UltraTax CS automatically sends any web organizer file attachments to FileCabinet CS. When the retrieval is complete, the FileCabinet CS Documents dialog opens and lists the names of the file attachments. You can rename any of the file names, if desired, and then click OK.

    We recommend that you scan the attachments with an anti-virus application before you open them.


    • File attachments are automatically stored in the client's UltraTax CS 12/31/yy folder in FileCabinet CS.
    • If the Deny FileCabinet CS access to client data checkbox is marked for the client in UltraTax CS via the File > Client Properties > Advanced Properties > Restrict Access tab, the image of the client's web organizer and attachments will not be stored in FileCabinet CS. In this case, UltraTax CS prompts you to save the file attachments to a location on your hard drive during the retrieval process.
  2. Once the attachments are stored in FileCabinet CS, you can open the client in FileCabinet CS and view the attachments stored in the UltraTax CS 12/31/yy folder by selecting the file in the Folder window. The contents of the file attachment are displayed in the Watch window.


  • Attachment file data cannot be accepted or rejected like the web organizer data. Instead, you must enter the applicable data manually.
  • If an attachment is an Excel spreadsheet, you can import the information into any organizer or tax statement dialog. For more information, see Importing statement data from Excel.
  • If a client forgot to attach something, we recommend asking the client to use NetClient CS File Exchange or sending the attachment separately in an email. Once the organizer is sent, there is no way to attach additional documents; you'd have to re-create and re-send the entire organizer, overwriting the information they've already entered.

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Internal only

Support notes

Web Consultants can rehang retrieved web organizers, if needed.

  • The web Consultant will need the firm ID and client ID.
  • They can't rehang organizers that have any status other than "retrieved". 
  • Once the web Consultant rehangs, have the customer retrieve again and accept the overwrite message.