Troubleshooting client organizers

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Most unexpected behavior with client organizers can be attributed to missing a step during the client organizer setup. Below are topics that cover common problems with Client Organizer.

Setting up client organizers

UltraTax CS: Missing data in Organizer

UltraTax CS: Organizer delivery column grayed out

UltraTax CS: Organizer - Proforma of home office other expense amounts

Printing client organizers

UltraTax CS: Certain user-defined status events are not logged when printing returns or organizer

UltraTax CS: Client not listed to batch print organizers

UltraTax CS: page 2 is blank for the organizer cover letter or engagement letter

UltraTax CS (all entities): Firm name not printing on return or organizer documents

Email Client Organizers

UltraTax CS: Retrieval of email electronic client organizers

UltraTax CS: Action items PDF not including certain documents when printing returns / organizers to the web / email PDF / PDF to file

Web Client Organizers

Troubleshooting sending returns or organizers to NetClient CS portals

UltraTax CS: Not receiving the Web Organizer email notification

UltraTax CS: Received email notification of completed Web Organizer but nothing comes down

UltraTax CS: Sending / retrieving web organizers for prior years

UltraTax CS: Troubleshooting web return or organizer not showing in portal

UltraTax CS: Web Organizer - business activities do not appear

UltraTax CS: Web Organizer - pink dot and/or pink folder appears but no data to accept

Reprocessing Web Client Organizers

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