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Use this procedure to enter and update demographic and other federal and state information for the partners. UltraTax CS uses the information entered in the Partner Information window to complete the federal and state Schedules K-1 and other partner forms, worksheets, and reports.

  1. Choose View > Partner Information to access Partner Data Entry. When you access Partner Data Entry, UltraTax CS opens the Partner Information window. The Partner Information window has two sections.
    • The Partner Name list on the left side of the window lists all of the partners in the partnership.
    • The Partner Information Summary and the Partner, Federal, and state tabs on the right side of the window contain demographic and other federal and state partner-specific information about the selected partner.

    Note: State tabs appear only if a state has been added to the return and additional partner information is required.

  2. To add a new partner to the end of the Partner Name list, click the Add Partner Add Partner button button (CTRL+A). To insert a new partner, highlight the partner immediately after whom you want to insert the new partner, and click the Insert Partner Insert Partner button button (CTRL+I). To update the information for an existing partner, scroll through the Partner Name list and then click the partner whose information you want to update.

    Note: By default, UltraTax CS assigns partner numbers. To assign custom partner numbers, choose Setup > Custom Partner Numbers. To sort the partners alphabetically or by a particular allocated amount, choose Tasks > Sort Partners.

  3. In the Partner tab, enter demographic and general information for each partner, such as the partner's name and address. UltraTax CS uses this information to complete both the federal and state returns.
  4. 4. In the Federal tab, enter information for Schedule B-1, Schedule B-2, Schedule K-1, Schedule M-3, the Partner's Basis Worksheet, Forms 8804 and 8805, and Form 8938.
  5. If you process one or more state returns for this client, click the appropriate state tabs to enter state-specific partner information. Note that the state tabs appear only if a state has been added to the return and additional partner information is required.

Tip: To delete a partner, highlight the appropriate partner in the Partner Name list, and click the Delete Partner Delete Partner button button (CTRL+D).

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