Partner Data Entry overview

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Partner Data Entry consists of four windows that provide information about the partners, their interest in the partnership, their ownership in the partnership, and transfers of partners' capital. Click the buttons at the top of Partner Data Entry to open the appropriate window.

  • Partner Information window - Contains the names, addresses, and general federal and state information about each partner
  • Allocations window - Contains the profit-sharing percentages, loss-sharing percentages, ownership of capital percentages, beginning capital, special allocations, and custom allocations
  • Changes of Ownership window - Contains the profit-sharing, loss-sharing, and ownership of capital percentages for each ownership period during the tax year
  • Transfers of Capital window - Contains transfers of partner capital during the tax year

To open Partner Data Entry, click the Partner Information Partner Information button button, choose View > Partner Information, or press CTRL+R.

Components of this window

Partner Data Entry menu

Partner Data Entry toolbar

Partner Information window

Allocations window

Changes of Ownership window

Transfers of Capital window

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