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The menu bar at the top of Partner Data Entry provides drop-down menus with commands to perform various partner data-entry tasks.

Note: The commands in the Partner Data Entry menu are available only when you are in the window to which the commands apply. For example, commands to add, insert, or delete partners are available only when you are in the Partner Information window.

Menu Function
File Print partner reports and exit Partner Data Entry to return to the current input screen or form.
Edit Add, insert, or delete partners, ownership changes, and transfers of capital; move partners up or down; cut, copy, and paste cell and column information; add, edit, or delete a partner note; enter custom fieldview information; and create a custom allocation.
Tasks Open the Find Partner dialog to find a partner by name or SSN/EIN or go to a specific partner based on the partner number; sort partners by name, number, or allocation column; renumber partners; allocate profit, loss, and ownership by units; default loss and ownership changes to profit; distribute remaining amounts or percentages to partners; and apply custom allocations to one or more values at one time.
View View the Partner Information window, the Allocations window, the Changes of Ownership window, or the Transfers of Capital window; open the Interim Closing Annualization window; collapse or expand the Allocation list; focus on the currently-selected allocation; view the allocated amount column; and choose to display zeros or blanks in cells.
Setup Share the allocation workspace by hiding the Allocation list; open the Add Partner Default dialog to set the default entity and type for partners subsequently added to the client's return; open the Transfers of Capital Accounts dialog to set the default transferring and receiving capital account adjustment for transfers of capital; and choose to enter your own custom partner numbers or have UltraTax CS automatically assign the partner numbers.
Help Open the Help & How-To Center to find answers to your UltraTax CS questions, and view current license information.

Note: See Menus and toolbars in UltraTax CS for details about other menus and toolbars in UltraTax CS.

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