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The Business Organizer cover letter contains standard text that you can modify if necessary.

Changing the salutation on Business Organizer cover letters

Business Organizer automatically generates a customized salutation of "Dear" followed by the salutation as it is entered in Screen Letter. To change the name listed in the letter's salutation, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File > Open Client and select the client.
  2. In the folders block on the left side of the screen, click the General folder.
  3. Click the tab for Screen Letter.
  4. At the top of Screen Letter, enter a salutation (without the word "Dear" included) in the Salutation field.

You can also use custom paragraphs in the Business Organizer cover letter. You can either select a predefined custom paragraph or create a user-defined custom paragraph. For more information, see Customizing client documents: custom paragraphs.

Modifying the Business Organizer cover letter

If desired, you can modify the cover letter before printing the letter. For example, you can change the font, use a different border, add or delete text, or insert your firm's logo at the top of the page. To modify the cover letter, complete these steps.

The same cover letter prints for all clients, so any edits you make to the cover letter affect all Business Organizer packages for that entity.

  1. Choose Setup > [Entity].

    Note: Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password and click OK before you can continue.

  2. Click the Organizer tab.
  3. Click the Letters & Emails button in the Documents group box to open the Letters & Emails dialog.
  4. If it is not already highlighted, highlight the Organizer Cover Letter, and click the Open button to open the Document Editing window.
  5. Edit the cover letter as desired.
  6. Save changes by choosing Document > Save.
  7. Choose Document > Exit when finished.


  • To restore the default cover letter, choose Setup > [Entity] > Organizer tab. Click the Letters & Emails button, highlight the Organizer Cover Letter, and then click the Properties button. In the Document Properties dialog, click the Restore Default button, then click OK. A prompt will remind you that restoring default documentation will overwrite any changes. Click Yes to restore the default document.
  • UltraTax CS displays an X in the Edited column of the Letters & Emails dialog to help you distinguish edited documents.

Creating a new Business Organizer cover letter

If you want to create additional cover letters, follow these steps.

  1. Choose Setup > [Entity].
  2. Click the Organizer tab.
  3. Click the Letters & Emails button in the Documents group box to open the Letters & Emails dialog.
  4. Click the New button to open the New Document dialog.
  5. In the Document name field, enter the name of the new cover letter.
  6. Click the desired options in the Header / Footer group box.
  7. If desired, select a border for this letter from the field in the Border group box.
  8. Click OK. The Document Editing window opens. 
  9. Edit the cover letter as desired and save your changes by choosing Document > Save.
  10. Choose Document > Exit when you are finished.

UltraTax CS creates a new custom letter based on the standard cover letter. If you previously modified the standard cover letter, your modifications also appear in the new cover letter. You can add up to five custom cover letters.

To print this custom letter instead of the standard cover letter, you must select the letter on Screen OrgOptns. To choose this custom letter, open the client. In the folders block, click the Organizer folder, and then click the tab for Screen OrgOptns. Select this cover letter from the Custom Organizer Cover Letter number field. If you do not perform this step, the standard cover letter prints for the client by default. 

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