Business Organizer frequently asked questions

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Printing Business Organizers

Why can't I deliver my client's Business Organizer?

Can I print a blank Business Organizer?

How can I prevent next year's organizer from printing for clients who did not use them this year?

Assembling and transmitting Email and Web Business Organizers

Why don't the Notes to Preparer print with the organizer once the data has been retrieved and accepted?

Why did I get an email saying the storage was exceeded?

Why doesn't the preview of my Email Business Organizer show all the items the organizer contains?

How do I quickly assign an Organizer delivery method to all my clients?

Can I send an engagement letter and/or consent form(s) for electronic signature with the Business Organizer?

Can I complete web organizers in prior years?

Business Organizer greetings

Why is my Business Organizer greeting incorrectly formatted in the email to the client?

Business Organizer questionnaire

Can the default questionnaire be customized?

Why does the 1120 default questionnaire refer to the Excel spreadsheet when I select to deliver only the questionnaire?

Business Organizer Excel spreadsheets

How can I view the questionnaire and the Excel spreadsheet before sending the Business Organizer to my clients?

What information is included in the Excel spreadsheet?

Can the Excel spreadsheet be customized?

Can I control what tabs are displayed in the Excel spreadsheet?

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