Assembling Web Business Organizers

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Complete these steps to assemble web organizers in HTML format for your clients to access.

  1. Choose File > Print Organizers to open the Print Organizers dialog.
  2. In the Print what group box, click the Web: Thomson Reuters data center option.


    • If you entered a firm URL in the field in the Web Delivery group box in the Web Delivery Options dialog available via the Setup > Client Communications > Web Delivery Options button, the text "Thomson Reuters data center" in the Web: Thomson Reuters data center option will be replaced with the firm URL.
    • The FileCabinet CS checkbox is not available when assembling web organizers.
    • When printing a single client, UltraTax CS automatically selects the option displayed in the Organizer Delivery column in the Setup > Client Communications dialog.
  3. Click the Options button to open the Print Organizer Options dialog. Note that you must have a client open or selected to access these options. The print collation settings shown here are set in the Setup > [Entity] > Organizer tab.

    Note: The Excel spreadsheet will not be listed in the Options dialog.

  4. Click OK to close the Organizer Print Options dialog.
  5. Click the Clients button to open the Select Clients to Print dialog. This dialog enables you to select the clients for whom you want to assemble electronic organizers for the web.


    • To select all clients quickly, click the Select All button. All clients for whom you are assembling web organizers must have an email address entered in the Setup > Client Communications dialog. If the email address is missing, you will receive a notification when you attempt to assemble the web organizer. Enter this information as necessary and choose File > Print Organizers to assemble the web organizer again.
    • If multiple clients are selected, the Per client settings option will be selected in the Print what group box and UltraTax CS will process the organizers according to the delivery preferences selected for each client in the Setup > Client Communications dialog.
  6. Click OK to close the Select Clients to Print dialog.
  7. Click the Assemble button.

Note: Clients that have None selected for the organizer delivery method in the Client Communications dialog are not available for organizer processing even if you enter an email address. If you want to send a web organizer to the client, select Web from the drop-down list in the Organizer Delivery column in the Client Communications dialog.

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