Document Editing window keyboard shortcuts

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Some of the commands most commonly used in the Document Editing window such as Open Document or Copy Text, are assigned keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly execute the command.

Key Combination Result in the Document Editing window
CTRL+C Copies highlighted text to the clipboard.
CTRL+I Opens the Variables dialog in which you can choose a variable to insert into the document.
CTRL+O Opens the Letters & Emails or Filing Instructions dialog, in which you can open an existing document.
CTRL+S Saves document changes.
CTRL+V Pastes contents of the clipboard into the document.
CTRL+X Cuts highlighted text and copies it to the clipboard.
CTRL+Z Undoes the previous action. Note that this will only undo text-related changes. If a criteria-based condition is deleted, pressing CTRL+Z will not undo that action.

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