Inserting language indicators into client documents

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Complete these steps to print text based on your client document language choice.

  1. Open the Document Editing window.
  2. Select the text that you want to print only when either English or Spanish is chosen as the client's document language.

    Tip: Click twice to select a word, click three times to select a paragraph, or press CTRL + A to select the entire document.

  3. With the text highlighted, select either English or Spanish from the Format menu.
  4. Choose Document > Save.
  5. Choose Document > Exit to close the Document Editing window. The text that you selected will now print only when that language is set as the client document language choice.


  • To assign multiple clients a client document language at one time, choose Utilities > Reassign Clients. Select Client document language from the Category drop-down list, and choose either English or Spanish from the Language drop-down list. This applies only to 1040, 1120PR, and 1065PR returns.
  • For certain applications, such as 1040 Federal, 1120 Puerto Rico, and 1065 Puerto Rico, you can choose to print client documents in Spanish on the application's Letter tab.

For more information see, Client documents overview and Restricting a client document to a specific language.

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