Restricting a client document to a specific language

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If you have client documents that contain both English and Spanish criteria-based text, or "Print-if" statements, you can remove the language indicator print conditions for either English or Spanish, so that document will always print in one language, rather than enabling you to choose between English or Spanish.

Note: If you decide that you want the ability to print a document in a language that you previously removed, you can restore the document default settings, which will erase all of your changes to the document.

Follow these steps to remove a language indicator print conditions for either English or Spanish.

  1. From the Setup menu, choose the entity (for example, 1040 Individual).
  2. Click the federal or state tab.
  3. Click the appropriate button (for example, Letters & Emails or Filing Instructions).
  4. In the [Document Type] dialog, find the document you want to edit, and click Open.
  5. In the Document Editing window, choose Format > Remove a Language and click either Remove English or Remove Spanish. When prompted to confirm your selection, click Yes. UltraTax CS will remove all English or Spanish print conditions from the open document.

    Note: The Remove English or Remove Spanish menu command is not available if the open document does not contain print conditions for the corresponding language.

  6. Choose Document > Save.
  7. Choose Document > Exit.

For more information, see Client documents overview and Inserting language indicators into client documents.

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