Uninstalling and reinstalling federal and/or state applications in UltraTax CS

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If a federal or state application update fails to apply, or if an update continually reappears within CS Connect, it may be necessary to delete and reinstall the federal or state application. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. From within UltraTax CS, choose Help > Repair and click the Misc tab.
  2. Click the Clear Updates Directory button and then click Done.
  3. Close UltraTax CS.

    Note: If you use a network installation, verify that all users close UltraTax CS. To see a list of network users with the application open, open UltraTax CS, choose Help > Repair, click the File Locks tab and click the User locks option at the top of the dialog. After you verify that all users have closed the application, close UltraTax CS.

  4. Browse to X:\Wincsi\UTYY, where X represents the drive where UltraTax is installed, and YY represents the year of the application.
  5. Find and delete the folders and .pfw_imanifest files for the federal or state application(s) causing the update error.

    The naming convention for all applications is EEEEPP.*, where EEEE represents the entity, P represents the application initials, and * is a series of characters that represents the application version. For example, 1040US.ext,22,3,8,#0000000n70e9f is an UltraTax/1040 folder and 1065MI.ext,22,3,4,#0000000n6peq2 is an UltraTax/1065-MI (Michigan) folder.

    Note: Renaming the federal or state folders is not recommended and may cause additional issues.

  6. Open UltraTax CS and download and apply your updates, and if necessary, add a state or city return to a client.
  7. This process may require you to close and re-open UltraTax CS one more time for the updates to apply.

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