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Follow these steps to view and print bulletins, which provide information about the each release of UltraTax CS, any changes made to the application, and any other relevant issues.

Note: The Bulletins dialog opens automatically the first time you start UltraTax CS after installing the application and after downloading and applying an update via CS Connect. You can filter bulletins by entity type, state, version, or date range.

  1. Choose Bulletins from the UltraTax CS Help menu. 
  2. Highlight a bulletin in the list to view it on the screen.
  3. To print bulletins, mark the checkbox next to each bulletin you want to print, and click the Print Selected Bulletins button to print the selected bulletins on your computer's default printer. To print individual bulletins to a different printer, you may be able to click the Print button at the top of the Bulletins window. Note that this button and functionality may vary depending on your PDF viewing application.

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