CS Connect: Overview

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CS Connect, which is automatically included with a local or network installation of CS Professional Suite applications, is easy to use, generally requires no setup, and provides a convenient and safe way to complete the following tasks:

To open the CS Connect dialog, click either File or Utilities at the top of your application and click CS Connect.

If you access your software through Virtual Office CS or Software as a Service (SaaS), you do not need to use CS Connect because the most current version of your program is always available.

Application-specific functions

The following applications use CS Connect for additional purposes:

  • Transmit designated documents to NetFirm CS. (A NetClient CS or NetStaff CS license is required.)
  • Transmit designated image groups for source-document processing.
  • Retrieve extracted OCR data for verification and export the data to UltraTax CS.


  • You must have a standard internet connection to use CS Connect.
  • If you connect to our network of secure data centers using a dial-up internet service or a proxy server, see Setting CS Connect communication options to update your settings.
  • To keep your data safe, CS Connect encrypts all sensitive transactions involving monetary funds or client information using an industry-standard encryption system.

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