Opening the Document Editing window from within Data Mining

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To open the Document Editing window from within Data Mining, complete the following task.

  1. Choose Utilities > Data Mining.
  2. Select the database to work in from the Client database drop-down list, and then click the Continue (Step 2) button.
  3. Click the Compose Client Letters button on the Print Selection and Client Search dialog.
  4. In the Data Mining Letters dialog, do one of the following.
    • To add custom client letters: Click the New button, enter the appropriate information in the New Document dialog, and then click OK.
    • To edit an existing client letter: Highlight the letter in the list and click the Open button.

Note: You cannot edit header or footer text while using Data Mining. To edit headers and footers, open the Document Editing window from within UltraTax CS. Changes you make to headers and footers in UltraTax CS documents will apply to client letters created in Data Mining.

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