Printing reports and letters in Data Mining

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Video overview

The following video outlines the process described in the steps below.

Print custom report and letters

Follow these steps to print custom reports and/or letters for all clients who passed the most recent search.

  1. If necessary, select and perform the search.
  2. Click the Search Results button to verify that the results are satisfactory. Click Done to return to the Print (Step 3) dialog.
  3. In the Print dialog, mark the appropriate checkboxes in the Print where group box.
    • To print reports and letters on paper, mark the Printer checkbox.
    • To send client letters and reports to FileCabinet CS, mark the FileCabinet CS checkbox, select the letter or report you want to send, and click the Print or To Cabinet button. Note that the FileCabinet CS checkbox is available only if you are licensed for FileCabinet CS and have it installed. Note that you cannot print custom reports to FileCabinet CS.
    • To assemble eSignature documents (for certain letters), mark the  Web / eSignature: Thomson Reuters data center checkbox under Electronic Delivery in the Print dialog and then click the Assemble / Print button.
    • To send letters via email to clients who passed the most recent search and for whom you have entered an email address, mark the Email client letters as PDF attachments, if email address is available checkbox under Electronic Delivery and enter the subject line for the message in the Subject of email field.
  4. If there are clients whose data you want to exclude from the selected reports or for whom you do not want to print or email the selected letters, clear the checkboxes next to the appropriate clients' names.
  5. By default, the reports and letters that you selected prior to performing the search appear in the Reports/Letters tab. To change the items selected for printing, click the Modify button, select the desired reports and/or letters, and click Done to return to the Print dialog.
  6. Use the Sort field to choose the order in which you want each of the reports and letters to print.
  7. Select the number of copies you want to print from the Copies field.
  8. Click the Print button to print the reports and/or letters to paper, to print the reports and/or letters to FileCabinet CS (if licensed), and/or to email letters as PDF attachments to clients for whom you have entered email addresses. If you are assembling eSignature documents, click the Assemble / Print button. The eSignature documents will be available to transmit through CS Connect. Note that a  client email address is required for the eSignature process.


  • The name of the Print button changes depending on the checkboxes you marked in the Print where group box.
  • To preview a report or letter before printing, click the Preview button. As you preview document, you can click the Print one page Print One Page button button to print the current page or click the Print all Print All button button to print the entire report.
  • At this time, there is not a way to print envelopes in Data Mining; you can only print letters, reports, and mailing labels.

To print an item that you are previewing, you must print it before closing the Print Preview window. If you click the Close button without printing the item, you will need to perform the search and select the report or letter again.

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