Selecting and performing a search in Data Mining

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Follow these steps to select and perform a search in Data Mining.

Note: Data Mining defaults to the database you worked in last. Always make sure you have selected the correct database before starting Data Mining tasks.

  1. In the Data Mining window, select the database to work in from the Client database drop-down list, and then click the Continue (Step 2) button.
  2. In the Print Selection and Client Search dialog, select reports and/or letters, mailing labels, or an export report in the Print selection group box.

    Note: After you perform the search, you can print reports, send documents to FileCabinet CS (if licensed), assemble eSignature documents (if applicable), print or send client letters via email, print mailing labels, or export a report for clients who passed the search.

  3. In the Client search/focus group box, select the search you want to perform from the Product and Search name field's drop-down list.

    Note: If none of the available searches meets your needs, you can add a new search or modify a user-created search.

  4. To limit the search to particular types of clients, click the Additional Focus button to select items, such as preparer/reviewer/staff, fiscal year end, and client events, and then click OK.
  5. Click the Continue (Step 3) button. Data Mining performs the search you selected.
    • If clients pass the search, the Print dialog opens. From this dialog you can review the search results, print reports and letters, or send client letters via email to those who passed the search.
    • If no clients pass the search, the Search Results dialog opens. From this dialog you can determine which criteria or client failed.


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