Importing data from third-party accounting applications

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Follow these steps to import Dillner's FCAS, Client Ledger System, CaseWare Working Papers, Accountant's Relief, Accounting for Practitioners, Universal Business Computing Company, or Prosystem fx Engagement data into an UltraTax CS client.

Note: These steps assume that you have already entered tax codes into the application from which you are exporting data and that you have completed the export task in that application.

  1. Open or add the client into whose record you want to import data. Note that each import utility imports data for only certain entity types.
    Dillner's FCAS Client Ledger System CaseWare Working Papers Accountant's Relief Universal Business Computing Company Accounting for Practitioners Prosystem fx Engagement
    1040 X X X X X
    1120 X X X X X X X
    1065 X X X X X X X
    990 X X X
  2. To open the appropriate import dialog, choose the Import command for the application from which you will import data.

    Note: The import commands for the following applications are available only if you have a valid application license: Client Ledger System and CaseWare Working Papers. For the Dillner's FCAS, Accountant's Relief, Accounting for Practitioners, Universal Business Computing Company, and ProSystem fx Engagement import utilities, a license is not necessary.

    The import options are available only after you open or add the UltraTax CS client that will receive the imported data, and if you have specified the correct data path for your accounting data. To specify the data path, choose Setup > User Preferences > File Locations > Other, highlight the applicable application, click the Modify Location button, and then browse to the location of your accounting data. After you have specified the data location, you will be able to select the appropriate application when you choose Utilities > Third Party.

  3. If the location specified in this dialog is not the drive and/or path from which you want to import client data, click the Change Location button to open the Modify Location dialog, navigate to the appropriate drive and path, and click OK to return to the import dialog.
  4. In the Client list, highlight the client whose data you want to import into the open UltraTax CS client.

    Note: UltraTax CS automatically limits the client list to those clients who are of the same entity type as the open UltraTax CS client.

  5. Click the Import button.

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